streamline treasury onboarding

    What If You Could Streamline Treasury On-Boarding by Changing Just One Thing?

    Treasury Management is one of the most complex operations in any financial institution, requiring multiple approval layers, paper-intensive documentation and disparate on-boarding procedures. To better understand the complexities and inefficiencies associated with treasury on-boarding, WAUSAU Financial Systems commissioned a study with Treasury Strategies, Inc. that not only got to the root of treasury management on-boarding challenges but revealed a number of ways banks can streamline the process.

    Data presented in this white paper has been summarized from the Treasury Strategies survey. Representatives from 39 organizations completed the survey.  The survey revealed thought-provoking findings that call attention to four significant points:

    • Corporations feel there’s room for improvement in their bank’s TM on-boarding process.
    • Paper-centric processes are the root of the problem in TM on-boarding.
    • Banks and corporations are receptive to new ways of conducting business.
    • Going paperless in Treasury can have a major impact on accelerating revenue.

    Download our free white paper to explore the results of the survey, see how your institution compares to your peers’ and discover ways you can improve your on-boarding process to enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs and accelerate revenue.

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