Distributors - Reduce Receivables Processing Costs by up to 35%!

    These days, ensuring timely payment and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) are getting a lot of visibility from the executive suite at distribution companies of all sizes. Improving the bill-to-cash workflow—of which payment processing is a key component—is critical to meeting these objectives.

    But within most distribution companies, payment processing isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

    WAUSAU Financial Systems will be hosting a webcast on June 7 so you can learn how to:

    • Automate payment processing and increase working capital
    • Reduce labor costs by as much as 70%
    • Have greater visibility into receivables data and cash flow
    • Have the option to deploy the solution in-house, outsourced or use a hybrid approach

    If you are serious about reducing the costs associated with processing receivables and want to take back what is yours, download our new white paper today.

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